Who Is John Neyland

Author. Founder. Speaker. Mentor.

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We’re creating a movement to help kids understand how to value themselves and reach their dreams.

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Who Is John Neyland

Author. Founder. Speaker. Mentor.

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john’s fundamental Principles for success

The Last 4 Hours of Your Life

How do you want to be remembered? Were you the best spouse, parent and person you could be?

Pivot Points to Positive Direction

Why should you ever get stopped or stuck by a negative situation in your life? Learn to pivot to a positive direction.

Aligning Your Energy for Collective Momentum

To get to where you want to go, you must align all your energy to move faster and more efficiently.

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Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream



Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream is both a memoir and a blueprint for the reader who knows there is something more. Dedicated to giving back, John Neyland has written an inspiring story that details how he turned his personal struggles into positives and how he seeks to pay it forward each and every day.

A powerful story of love, determination, and empathy that will impact anyone who reads it.

Anne Cloutre

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An inspiring story to overcome the obstacles life places in your path.

Book John to speak to your group and powerfully impact their lives.

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Pivot 6--In order to be Honest with others, you must first be Honest with Yourself. Learn more: https://t.co/ntQcB0J49v #YourLast4Hours

A generous #Woman in New Brighton leaves entire estate to #charities and the #community that she loved. https://t.co/dMkD9jmdey

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