Is that the ordinary that is extraordinary?

When I first met Yesenia, my eyes were drawn to her size. But in just a moment, my focus became her eyes. There was a darkness – a sadness that I have seldom seen.

I reached out to Yesenia and started having lunch with her, attending the spa and getting to know her better. When I offered to help her it was not an offer, it was a plea. I saw something more in her. Something I realized she was not seeing.

“I am not willing nor interested in helping you if our sole focus is your weight. Your weight is not your biggest problem. I want you to experience … to have three things from our relationship: F-U-N.”

She giggled and accepted. She has not stopped giggling.

A beautiful person that in helping herself is going to help me help many others. We have been on our journey for 11 weeks and she has lost 38 lbs. (3.45 lbs. per week). The weight has not been our goal nor our focus. Our focus? F-U-N and we have achieved this.

See the blog on this site to hear from Yesenia’s lips how wonderful her life has changed … this can be you too. Contact me.

John C Neyland

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