Never in a million years did I ever imagine taking a trip by plane ever again. The last memory I have of being on a plane was when I was 13 going to Honduras with family. This trip was  so much more different for me. I was already excited about it and I guess I just didn’t realize just how excited I was. John invited me to go to Chicago with him where he and other speakers were attending. At this event businesses would choose who would best fit there criteria to speak to there business and/or company.  At this event I was able to share a little bit of my story to add to John’s presentation, which turned out amazing.

Before I get too ahead of myself I’m going to backup a bit, because the start is yet the most important part of this story. Like I mentioned before, I was super excited about this trip. Just to be able to get away from Louisiana was exciting. So we board onto the plain and get situated and everything, I felt myself getting super excited about taking off. I remember being 13 and not wanting to look out the window at take off, but this time, I wanted to see everything. When we take off the first thing that comes out my mouth was “HOLY CRAP!” I could’t believe it, I was flying, I never thought I would see such sights. Maybe to someone who is use to traveling all the time might not feel this way, but to me, I was taking it all in. I had a rush of emotions hit me. I kind of laugh now, but I tried to turn my head away so that John wouldn’t see me tear up cause I was so emotional at that moment. This moment meant the world to me, it was life changing.

It was at this moment when all these thoughts really hit me. My whole adult life, I always end the year thinking I’ve done nothing with my life and accomplished nothing. This year is a whole different ball game, and there is still a few months left to it. This year I’ve accomplished so much and feel like I’ve finally lived. Between finally taking my diet seriously to starting kick boxing classes, and let me tell you I enjoy every bit of it. To finally be able to walk without much trouble, I mean when me and John first started going out for lunch, walking through the parking lot was work, and I just walked through a freaking airport. Then the strength I’ve gained physically and mentally to do the thing that are even uncomfortable for me, I never had that before. Then with this trip, I’ve managed to get passed this fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people. It’s safe to say that I’ve accomplished alot this this year alone.

The reaction that we got from people at this event was so over whelming. Then to be told that I should think about becoming a speaker, it couldn’t have gone any better. I couldn’t thank John enough for this experience and opportunity to meet so many great people and just to experience something like this. This was a trip well worth taken. Who knows, what just might be knocking at my door?

-Yesenia Meza