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John C. Neyland was born into a troublesome home environment in South Louisiana. With an abusive father and a depressed, alcoholic mother, John experienced a hurtful and unloving childhood. At the age of fifteen, shortly after meeting the love of his life, he developed a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). From that moment on, John struggled with his family life and the rigors of living with OCD.

After years of progressively overcoming his pains, John transformed his life into a monument of love, strength and success. Today, John is the President and Investment Advisor Representative at JCN Financial & Tax Planning Group, a financial advisory firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

With a passion for helping disadvantaged youth in his community, John, through his firm, has not only sponsored local charitable organizations over the last sixteen years but has also founded the John’s Dream Foundation, an organization dedicated to positively transforming the lives and mindsets of inner-city children. In a further effort to make a difference, John’s first book, Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream, explains what he learned, how he grew and how he has made it his life’s mission to help others achieve their dreams.

John C. Neyland is a dedicated husband and father of three. He attributes his successes to having passion, a mission and a goal. He is dedicated to enabling people to enjoy a life they otherwise would not have.


Karen is so much more than a wife. She is John’s valued and devoted partner, the head-over-heels love of his life and the honored Queen of their beautiful home.

She describes her role of supporting John this way: “John is the sail of our ship. He catches the wind and propels us toward accomplishing greater ways to serve others. I am the rudder of that ship, steering it quietly and safely below the surface.”

Together, John and Karen make a powerful team for their marriage, their family and their business. Watch their remarkable anniversary celebrations here.


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