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Giving Children an Opportunity to Discover Love

We believe love is the most powerful force on earth. Our team is dedicated to rescuing the unloved, underprivileged children by adopting their schools and teaching them how to support, value and unite with their peers and leaders. We are committed to creating safe, reliable and loving family atmospheres within inner-city school communities.

Our mission is to cultivate self-worth, integrity, togetherness and, most of all, love, in the lives of disadvantaged children. By actively partnering with inner-city schools across the nation, we are committed to changing the culture of education and creating a support system that hurting children can call family.



  • Adopt inner-city schools around the country
  • Create a family atmosphere within each school, giving students the support they need
  • Help students and faculty members learn how to work together as a team through various activities and events
  • Host competitions between multiple schools, where students are encouraged to achieve goals together in order to win a schoolwide celebration
  • Help students with their academic homework before and after school
  • Teach students about life and their unique potential and gifts
  • Remain mentors in the students’ lives, from elementary and middle school to high school and college
  • Offer an opportunity for progressive students to return and serve as mentors to the younger generation

“The issue behind a disadvantaged child is deeper than not having money or a nice house. These children are lacking love. The very ones in their homes are tearing them down every day. They are in need of family and support. It’s my life’s mission to help them understand how to value themselves, reach their dreams and truly love one another.”

– John C. Neyland

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When: Wednesday 24 Sunday 6.45pm
Where:955 Staring Lane (Faith Chapel Church)
Few if any of us have been taught how to have a great life. Yes, we learned reading, writing, and arithmetic but how many of us exactly how to have the life of our dreams.
Part of John's dream work is this focus. I encourage you to may just be surprised to learn there are answers to your questions.
This is an ongoing class, listed below is a sample of what I will be teaching this year. Please post your comments, they may help others.

Self-worth, what is it, why is it important and how do I gain it?
How to dream
Creating a social contract
Tuning into others
Active listening
Collaborating effectively
How making being an African American your greatest asset
How making being a single mother your greatest asset
How making being you your greatest asset
Understanding mindsets
Cultivating curiosity and grit
Focusing and prioritizing
Being aware of emotions
Managing emotions
Inducing positive emotions
Taking full responsibility
Fighting off victimitis
Forgiving others and ourselves
Making a sincere apology
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January 24, 2018, 7:00pm - February 14, 2018, 9:00pm

Life-NO-Limits When: Wednesday 24 Sunday 6.45pm Where:955 Staring Lane (Faith Chapel Church) Few if any of us have been taught how to have a great life. Yes, we learned reading, writing, and arithmeti...

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Uh oh!!!!! There is a mistake on my post. There is no Boxing this Wednesday at our meeting at 6:45! Leave your gloves at home😜 ... See MoreSee Less

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