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6 claves para tener una vida exitosa

Una de las ventajas de empezar un nuevo año es que nos damos la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre nuestras vidas, las metas que hemos logrado y todo lo que nos gustaría cambiar. Además, nos sentimos más motivadas para luchar por cada uno de nuestros objetivos. Read...

8 Steps That Can Lead You To A More Fulfilling Life

Spring in the air signals a clean slate, rebirth, opportunity to re-invent. The idea of a clean slate – of making changes or starting over fresh – can be exhilarating. “It isn’t necessarily that you don’t like the life you live,” said John C. Neyland, author of How to...

Should You Take Social Security Early? 4 Times It May Make Sense

Conventional wisdom dispensed by financial planners about taking Social Security largely boils down to this: Wait as long as you can. That’s because delaying means a bigger monthly payment. For example, someone born in 1955 earning $50,000 can expect a monthly benefit...

3 Strategies For Living A Life
That Makes A Difference In 2017

It’s common for people to think about putting their mark on the world and leaving it a better place than when they arrived. But in many cases people fail to put those thoughts into action – possibly because they’re hesitant to step outside their comfort zones. Read...

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These inmates are practicing Yoga in prison and it's completely reshaping their lives! ... See MoreSee Less

Practicing yoga in prison is completely reshaping these inmates' lives

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This Man planted a forest shaped like a guitar as a tribute to his lost love.
... See MoreSee Less

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