John’s Mentees

People John C. Neyland has touched.


Christopher Johnson, from Albany, Louisiana, lacked the love and support every child needs when growing up. Determined to leave his constraining and unsupportive environment right out of high school, he made his way to Nicholls State University, making him the first person in his family to go to college.

When the day came that Christopher was accepted to the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, he didn’t have the money or anyone to cosign for his students loans. Although helpless at the time, Christopher didn’t lose hope.


Out to fend for himself, Ashton “Poochie” Carter, from Baton Rouge, LA, had no one to turn to for help or advice growing up. He lived separate from both of his parents.

Meeting John Neyland at a mentoring program changed his life completely. For the first time, he had someone to call in the time of need. In many ways, John encouraged him to attend school, appreciate having an education and understand his value in life.

Despite the tough times in his life, Poochie has learned to overcome all obstacles and become a dedicated father and successful leader.


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