A Book Written For You

John C. Neyland speaks on the mission behind his book and how it can impact your life.

How to Live the Life You've Yet to Dream is both a memoir and a blueprint for the reader who knows there is something more.

Dedicated to giving back, John C. Neyland, an avid speaker and mentor for underprivileged youth, has written an inspiring story detailing how he turned his personal struggles into positives and how he seeks to pay it forward every day.

  • Become a better partner.
  • Become a better sibling.
  • Become a better child.
  • Become a better you!
  • 100% of all book sale proceeds will go to the John’s Dream Foundation.

Available on Amazon & Kindle.

The John’s Dream Foundation

We recognize the true challenges facing unprivileged youth stem from a lack of love. Our mission is to cultivate self-worth, integrity, togetherness and, most of all, love, in the lives of disadvantaged children. By actively partnering with inner-city schools across the nation, we’re committed to changing the culture of education and creating a support system that hurting children can call family.

Meet Chris

Upon meeting John, Christopher had no idea this person would become his lifelong mentor. “You don’t even know it yet, but you’re a very special man,” John said when he met Christopher. Over time, the two built an unbreakable bond.

Meet Poochie

Meeting John Neyland at a mentoring program changed his life completely. For the first time, he had someone to call in the time of need. In many ways, John encouraged him to attend school and understand his value in life.

A Heart for the Disadvantaged


"I hope to help others see the tremendous joy there is in being there for others. I think the world can seem to spin so fast that we don’t take the time to see the benefits in helping others. I plan on being a part of the light that enables others to have this great advantage."

- John C. Neyland